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X-ONE IT’s priority is our customer, we are willing to help companies modernize, taking what is most innovative in the market with regard to data centers. Our team worked on the construction, management and maintenance of more than 600 high availability environments. Our services and solutions are provided with excellence to large Brazilian and Latin American companies.

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We are aware of the challenge it is to build an infrastructure for servers and data storage. Today, all companies depend on the high availability of IT resources for the smooth running of their business. We can say that almost all processes are computerized, therefore, it is practically impossible to make manual contingencies to them. Therefore, it is necessary to have an environment that has the highest possible uptime, that is, the longer the resources are available, the better for the company.

Employing the most modern concepts in high availability environments,  X-One IT  enables innovation applied in the main data centers worldwide to be within reach of your organization, offering security, availability and cost reduction.

See some of the numbers in which our professionals acted as responsible:

  • More than 400 small, medium and large sites built by our team;
  • More than 600 projects managed by our professionals;
  • More than 200 maintenance contracts with millions of equipment maintained;
  • Responsible for the Certification of more than 10 sites in Brazil and Latin America;

Discover some of the projects in which our professionals acted as responsible:

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