Our mapping, infrastructure, and implementation process relies on multidisciplinary action in energy, climate control, security, and civil. Besides, we are agnostic – regardless of the supplier, we elaborate basic, executive, design, and re-design projects with CEEDA and TIER certifications, among others.

    We understand that the criticality of software, firewall, servers, existing systems and data networks can put your company’s operation at risk. With a complete mapping of the IT infrastructure, facilities, and architecture, the quality of task execution is full and will bring results in financial terms and in service quality.

    The performance of Design and Implementation occurs in phases ranging from diagnosis to assisted operation. We use tools that act in four pillars, which are Energy, Climatization, Connectivity, and Security. This meets an integrated management platform and monitors the infrastructure in its entirety, ranging from facilities equipment to virtual machines.

    With our solutions in implementation, the automation of processes and auditing, ensures visibility of the operation in real time. And that’s not all, through a capacity plan analysis, we consolidate all information in a platform to assist in the decision-making process and establishment of hybrid infrastructure.

    Keep your assets operating according to your business parameters, ensure equipment utilization within the longest useful life, without risk to the operation of your environment. Reduce energy costs, achieve greater efficiency, and identify and anticipate problems that can harm your operation.

    X-One IT has a multidisciplinary team with over 20 years of experience in project management and implementation. Count on a single management, without interfaces with other players/suppliers.


    Our more than 20 years in this specialty, allows us to make an accurate diagnosis of your operation, regardless of size and segment.

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