We have a dedicated center of excellence and qualified and engaged professionals who identify, initiate treatment, and contact us in advance in case of failures caused by weather events, problems and incidents, power outages or attacks on the Data Center’s physical security.

We open calls via email, web, telephone, and sms.

    We perform fast, agile, and complete incident management, so that you can work and produce without worrying about incidents. And, in case of occurrences, we contact you immediately so that the solution is quick, complete, and without losses! We detect, classify, diagnose, and solve the incident. 

    Moreover, the monitoring is constant, and thus, together with our Continuous Maintenance, there is no repetition of new problems.

    Keep your assets operating according to the parameters of your business, ensure the use of equipment within the longest useful life, without risk to the operation of your environment. Reduce energy costs, achieve greater efficiency, and identify and anticipate problems that can harm your operation.

    Has the incident been resolved? You will be notified and can focus on your business productivity. Manage incidents and minimize the risks of occurrence, have the service provided effectively and ensure credibility with your customers.

    Achieve excellent process performance, identify failures early, act effectively on failures, track results online, and ensure further optimization. Extract the best that data culture and digital transformation have to offer. Become competitive in the market, count on X-ONE IT!

    Our differential is agility and scalability, and we are always close to our clients, with offers that really meet their needs. Our maintenance projects are the most complete and serve all sectors. Get to know us!


    Traditional incident management is bureaucratic and may take a long time to be resolved, which can bring irreparable expenses. In this case, by relying on Monitoring, instead of waiting for the science of the incident and opening a call at the center of excellence, you already have the beginning of the service as soon as it occurs. 

    Mitigate the risk of downtime, ensure continuity of operations, and monitor in real time. In addition, keep your operations active and have the peace of mind expected for an efficient and complete IT.

    Other advantages of X-One IT Online Monitoring:

    • Remote monitoring;
    •  Reduced risk;
    •  Continuous monitoring;
    •  Security;
    •  Database separated by equipment and organization;
    • Multidisciplinary team.


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